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March 2007: I saw Pixies and Nouvelle Vague at the V Festival. I am living with one more cat in addition to Lolly. Kitten actually. Ally and I decided to give Styx a home. Video of Styx is here. I spent a day at Pearl Bay walking along the shore and looking at some rocks.


February 2007: I went rollerblading in Homebush again. Sydney Uni Museums turned out to be interesting too. Antique collections at Nicholson Museum are pretty impressive. Fun gargoyles can be seen while one is wandering around the grounds. Waverly Cemetery is nice place to walk before sunset.


January 2007: There was some good jazz in the Domain this year again. Sightseeing in Parramatta turned out to be more about fish. I watched interesting debate on science and religion. The Great Wall of China Exhibition at Powerhouse museum was also interesting and I recommend it.


December 2006: I've spent time with family in NSW and then in Queensland and enjoyed few days of walking and camping in Snowy Mountains. I relaxed for few days on the houseboat in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park. The video from Hawkesbury River is here. I've been there before in 2004.

NSWQLDSnowy Mountains

November 2006: I've returned from around the world trip. I was in Europe, Cuba and South America. Check out the photos here . Patagonia is unforgettable. It is hard being back home after seeing so much.

Le MansBilbaoArgentina

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January 2007
This web site replaced the old one. I want to change it again. Current design is too messy.


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